Who Are We?

KİSBU is our parent company founded by Nedim KİSBU in 1978. Kisbu Group is at the top of many platforms with its professional business understanding, young and dynamic staff, the value it attaches to human resources, and its structure that progresses in line with its goals.

Kisbu has 6 sales offices and distribution centers with production facilities in Muratlı, Tekirdağ, which is recognized as one of the industrial centers of Turkey and in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul.

KISBU rapidly exports its successful products to the world without compromising its goals and principles; KISBU exports its quality products to 78 countries with a mindset open to change, with its investments and the customer portfolio of its group companies. Our company is one of the most reliable and most successful companies of Turkey and Europe, and it has become a global brand and is always one step ahead of the industry.

Let us rise together with a solution partnership.

While acting with an aim of becoming a pioneer and serving as a model to the society with all its corporate social responsibility and sponsorship projects, our company contributes to the national economy and employment with its investments.

We believe in the power of domestic production and strive to improve the place that our national power has acquired in the international market.
And since the day we started our journey, we are constantly developing with great commitment and devotion, based on customer satisfaction, and taking firm steps forward in line with our goals.



We know that the best way to meet the expectations of our customers, consumers, employees, and stakeholders is continuous growth. We believe that our activities are meaningful to everyone we interact with, and we proceed by adhering to our mission, core values, and ethical principles that have guided us since 1978.

Every day, we offer our services to 78 countries.
We aim to contribute to the economic, social, and environmental development of the cities, regions, and countries in which we operate. For this purpose, we employ many people at every point we serve worldwide, using local resources, and contribute to their career development and success.


Our vision is to keep our domestic and international customer portfolio at the highest level, in line with our innovative and investor identity and our strategy of continuous progress and to combine our quality with our experience within the framework of customer satisfaction and to present it to your service.

As Kisbu Group, our vision is to become the "leader group" in Turkey and all countries we offer services to.

Kisbu Group companies have been based on some values such as unity and integrity, understanding, excellence, responsibility, and creativity since its establishment. These values guide every business decision taken by all group companies.


As Kisbu Group, we fulfill our responsibilities towards people, nature, and the environment.
To Our Customers
- Maintaining our relations with our customers, who provide us with the opportunity to do our job, within the framework of trust, quality, and sincerity.
- Realizing the products and services they expect from us in a fast and high-quality manner.
To Our Personnel
- Providing productive operations and personal development opportunities to everyone working in the Kisbu family.
- Supporting our personnel not only in terms of business but also in every field.
- Providing our personnel the opportunity to work in the most suitable position within Kisbu.
To Our Country
- Representing our country in the best way with the exports we make in the international arena and the fairs we attend.
- Increasing the quality of domestic production by reflecting our knowledge of the sector and experience to our production.
- Creating new markets for local companies.
- Opening new employment areas to the working class.
Alkent 2000 Mah. Hadımköy Yolu Cad. Demir La Vida Evleri B Blok No:149/1b Büyükçekmece/İstanbul
Alkent 2000 Mah. Hadımköy Yolu Cad. Demir La Vida Evleri B Blok No:149/1b Büyükçekmece/İstanbul

Kisbu Group 2021 | All Rights Reserved

Kisbu Group 2021 | All Rights Reserved